Specific Circumstances to Disclose

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Bittylicious expects its customers to disclose whether any of the following circumstances apply to them:

  • the customer is a legal person who is (or in a legal arrangement with an entity that is) a vehicle for holding personal assets
  • the customer is a company that has nominee shareholders or shares in bearer form
  • the customer is a business that is cash intensive
  • the corporate structure of the customer is unusual or excessively complex given the nature of the company’s business
  • the customer is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • the customer is a third country national who is applying for residence rights in or citizenship of an EEA state in exchange for transfers of capital, purchase of a property, government bonds or investment in corporate entities in that EEA state
  • the customer intends to use the service for a transaction related to oil, arms, precious metals, tobacco products, cultural artefacts, ivory or other items related to protected species, or other items of archaeological, historical, cultural or religious significance or of rare scientific value
  • the customer intends to use the service for a transaction involving a high-risk country
  • the customer is in an unusual circumstances requiring further explanation
  • the customer is resident in a high-risk country

Where any of the above may apply, customers are required to provide further information to Bittylicious on registration.