Why does the price keep changing?

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In a nutshell

You have seen an error message like this:


The chances are that you are trying to buy a small amount of coins and these cost more. If you buy in the range shown, you will get the best price.

Bittylicious is a marketplace

Bittylicious actually works as a marketplace with many different cryptocurrency brokers on the back end. Each broker chooses their own price, minimum amounts and maximum amounts, and the cheapest one is provided to you, the buyer.

This means that the price is the cheapest price that the brokers are willing to offer for your requirements. The price is not controlled by Bittylicious itself and there is no fixed price formula.

Initial price shown

The price shown initially on the Bittylicious price is the cheapest price available, but it assumes you are buying or selling the amount shown. Bittylicious has no way of predicting how many coins you want until you click the Get some coins button. At this point, a calculation is done and if the price is different from what you saw, you will be presented with the pink error message.

If indeed you bought in the range shown on the screen, you will get the original quoted price.

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