Why am I am not able to trade small amounts?

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Bittylicious doesn't directly control the price or availability of coins on the site, those are set by the brokers directly. The brokers are able to set their own lower limits on the number of coins they are willing to buy or sell and there are times when the lower trading limits are comparatively high. This is especially the case overnight when fewer brokers are online.

Some brokers are willing to trade smaller amounts to validated users only, so to get access to the widest range of brokers you can go through the ID validation service by uploading documents to your profile on the main site at https://bittylicious.com/account/. Otherwise it is a case often of waiting for more brokers to come online with different ranges available for their offers.

Selling coins is particularly susceptible to this due to the overheads involved for the sellers in making bank transfers for small payments.