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There are two potential roles on offer here.

Both jobs have to really be done on a contractor basis, i.e. you provide an invoice for the number of hours worked and provide it to me by the last Thursday of each month.

You will be paid for the time spent training too. The pay is £10 per hour initially, rising to £12 per hour if all works out well (after 1-2 months). Hours need to be flexible based on demand, but right now, the demand is high so there is a lot of work to do. Ideally, we would pay you via bank transfer in GBP, although we could pay in BTC if you really wanted.

Both roles requires a very high level of trust, and we need you to be very discreet concerning the techniques and also the data you will be handling. You are expect to comply with the provisions in the Data Protection Act and keep data secure.

ID Verification Role

The ID verification role will essentially involve you going through a lot of documents that have been uploaded by users to the Bittylicious system. It requires a large attention to detail as there are a huge number of fraudsters out there who especially like the fact that Bittylicious offers card payments.

As you probably know, Bittylicious requires both a proof of name and address. We find fakes of both of these, and the requirements are quite strict as per Accepted_forms_of_ID.

As an added joy, Bittylicious is global, so you will also see some documents from abroad as well. Sometimes we won't have much knowledge of a type of document, so you might need to do some old fashioned Googling.

The system here essentially presents a list of users, and I think that if multiple admins (of which you could be one) are working at the same time, there would need to be communication so there isn't overlapping in the users you're validating.

When validating documents, you would download an encrypted version of these documents to a secure location on your computer, and then decrypt them using a tool. You would have access to the private key to decrypt these, and this must be kept extremely securely. This means that your computer must be well maintained and that you have good "op sec", e.g. by using decent passwords, locking your computer, and deleting these identification documents once you've dealt with the appropriate user.

We have multiple techniques we use which makes Bittylicious a pretty hard place for fraudsters to operate in, and we are very sensitive about how we do this. You would be absolutely required not to disclose our techniques in any way to anybody outside the primary Bittylicious admins.

Support Role

This is a far more complicated role involving handling support. There are two sides to this - the general support system, and responding to messages from brokers on the platform.

I think we would be looking into getting started with ID verification before possibly moving over to this role if it were of interest.

It would require decent knowledge of Bitcoin (you don't have to be Satoshi, but you have to know who I'm talking about), and exceptionally good manners. We get a lot of rude users on the platform so it also requires a thick skin and calm attitude.