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If your trade is in the RECEIVED state, and the web page for your trade states that payment has been received, your coins will have entered the Bitcoin network.

Once your Bitcoins have entered the Bitcoin network (which can be proven by you having a transaction ID), this is totally out of our control. At this point, our account has had Bitcoins debited from it so you will just need to wait for the coins to show up.

Usually you will have the coins confirmed in your wallet from between ten minutes and one hour after the trade is completed. On average, this is around 25 minutes. Look up your transaction ID in the blockchain and once it has a few confirmations (at least 6) you should see the coins if your client is behaving well.


If you haven't seen your coins even though there are plenty of confirmations, please make sure you try the following if you are running your own wallet:

  • Check that you have entered your Bitcoin address correctly.
  • Ensure that your Bitcoin client has fully synchronised with the Bitcoin network.
  • Reset the blockchain (works with Multibit at least).
  • Restart your wallet just in case that forces an update

If you are not running your own wallet, please:

  • Check that you have entered your Bitcoin address correctly.
  • Log out and log in again if it is a web wallet just to make sure any local caches have been cleared
  • Contact whoever host your wallet and provide the transaction ID as proof that the coins have been sent.

I'm sorry but we cannot offer further advice than this. Please contact the creator of your Bitcoin software/wallet provider, or use any help forums they might have. Bittylicious is an execution only service - we do not offer support for your Bitcoin software.

But I made a mistake!

If you made a mistake, e.g. put in the wrong Bitcoin address or send coins to an irreputable wallet provider, there's nothing we can do about it once you have a transaction ID. Sorry, but at this point we have already sent the Bitcoins.