Are any fees taken when buying virtual currency?

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As a buyer, you get exactly what you see on your trade page. No additional fees are taken so you get the full BTC amount shown on the page. This does not necessarily match what you wallet considers to be the "BTC price", nor the price of any other markets.

Bittylicious makes money by charging sellers on the system a small fee to use the Bittylicious platform, so only sellers get charged a fee.

For further reading, please see Why do Bitcoins on Bittylicious cost so much? and remember that Bittylicious is a marketplace where brokers compete to offer the best prices. Compare us to other markets if you want a real comparison, and also bear in mind that we include withdrawal fees in each transaction whereas almost every other site else doesn't. In particular, please check out the section marked Small Trades which explains that small trades have a higher comparative cost because of large network fees, and these are outside Bittylicious's control.