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There are certain cryptocurrency addresses that Bittylicious will not send funds to under any circumstances.

Addresses that are blacklisted typically fall under the following categories:

  • Blacklisted manually by us (e.g. scammers we have identified)
  • Associated with sanctioned entities (e.g. OFAC SDNs)
  • Associated with illegal services (e.g. credit card data vendors)
  • Associated with probable illegal services (e.g. dark markets, ponzi schemes)

We also reserve the right to refuse to send funds to any address for any reason.

Further steps

There is no way to override this functionality in Bittylicious and our staff are unable to assist you sending cryptocurrency to these addresses.

Bittylicious staff also will not state whether or why an address has been blacklisted.

You will need to send cryptocurrency to another address, ideally one you fully own yourself.