Prohibited Use of our Services

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Here at Bittylicious, we reserve the right to close any account if we have reason to suspect the following, without notice or possibility of appeal.

You will be permanently banned from Bittylicious if there is reason to believe that you are seeking to use cryptocurrency for the following reasons:

  • any illegal purpose under UK law, including money laundering (NB: additional rules might also apply in your jurisdiction).
  • paying any kind of sum (e.g. ransom) to hackers or fraudsters, regardless of individual circumstances.
  • knowingly transferring funds to, from or for a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), someone related to them or their associates without first obtaining explicit authorisation from us to do so.
  • transferring funds into or out of any country banned or subject to sanctions or other restrictions issued by the UK government or under FATF rules (e.g. North Korea, Iran, etc).

There is no right of appeal in such instances. Your account will be closed, and you will not be able to buy or sell cryptocurrency on Bittylicious. This ban is indefinite.

Finally, please be prepared to have your account closed if you use threatening, coarse or discriminatory language or behave badly towards any our staff, who are entitled to work in a safe and respectful environment.