Jonathan Haywood (moved)

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Jonathan Haywood was a broker on Bittylicious and first traded on 2017-01-10. he has completed over 62,000 trades as a broker.

Trading statistics
Cryptocurrency Amount traded in GBP Amount traded in the cryptocurrency
BTC 14,194,000 917
ETH 1,956,000 4,431
LTC 1,188,000 13,528
BCH 171,000 272
DOGE 158,000 31,817,000

Jonathan has been one of the most reliable and prompt brokers ever on the Bittylicious platform, and has been a joy to work with when issues arose. He has been patient with customers, guided them through various processes and has always responded rapidly. Although all trades have now gone in house on Bittylicious, Jonathan's dedication to the platform will be missed.