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Trade times

Please aim to complete trades within 15 minutes of them being marked as paid. Some payment methods can longer than this to complete but please aim to make your first check within 15 minutes of it being marked as paid.

Cancelling disputed trades

You can send a support message to the administrator to cancel a trade when one of the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • It is the buyer's first trade and they have made no or minimal communication within 24 hours of the trade entering dispute.
  • It is the buyer's second (or more) trade and they have made no or minimal communication within 48 hours of the trade commencing.

User communications

Brokers should not contact buyers unless it is directly relating to the specific trade you are performing with them. Brokers can discuss payment issues, Bitcoin transaction queries etc., but it must directly relate to the trade in question. Especially disallowed activities include:

  • Recommending yourself on any other trading site.
  • Requesting the user perform future trades only with you.
  • Any sort of advertising.

Broker communications

Brokers should only contact others brokers if there is a previous relationship where both parties have given permission to contact each other. Brokers can ask the administrators to forward messages if necessary. Certainly please do not send bulk emails to a number of brokers. Especially disallowed activities include canvassing brokers to agree a fixed price.


If you have been given any tweaks to use with the site, do not give them out to buyers unless it will help in specific instances. These should not be made public, and should not be given out to all buyers you deal with. A suitable example for tweak usage is if the buyer paid you but needs to change the Bitcoin address used; using the tweak to choose you as their next seller is fine in this instance as it affects this trade specificially.

Transaction fees

Brokers pay the network transaction fees. For Bitcoin, these can be high, so bear this in mind when offering small amounts of coins.

Chain forks and airdrops

In the even of any fork (e.g. things similar to Ethereum -> Ethereum Classic or Bitcoin -> Bitcoin Gold) or any airdrops from tokens, e.g. OMG tokens via Ethereum, Bittylicious will not attempt to distribute these to you. If you wish to keep the proceeds of forks/airdrops, you must withdraw your coins before the relevant dates.

Most importantly

Any questions, especially those which touch on the issues above, please ask the administrator.