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Overall client setup

In order to run the Bittylicious client, you must have:

  • PHP working via the command line.
  • The PHP cURL module.
  • Your OpenSSL private key saved as private.key in the Bittylicious client directory.
  • The bank account details set up as per the Bank account setup section.

The Bittylicious client checks whether you have any active trades from Bittylicious every 60 seconds. If one is active, it will log into your bank account to fetch a transaction list. If a transaction matches, the client will sign the transaction on your behalf and notify Bittylicious that the trade has been found.

Bank account setup



Status: Production quality

$bank = new UK_Halifax("Username", "Password", "Memorable word", "Account name");


$bank = new UK_Halifax("mm34789", "P@ssw0rd", "M3M0RABLE", "Easycash");


  • The Account name is as it appears on your Internet banking screen.

Santander Business

Status: Production quality

$bank = new UK_Santander("Banking ID", "Registration number", "Passcode", "Account name", array("memorable question 1" => "answer 1", "memorable question 2" => "answer 2"));


$bank = new UK_Santander("19031846985", "12345", "P@ssw0rd", "BUSINESS CURRENT ACCOUNT", array("maiden" => "Shelly", "car" => "Polo", "born" => "London"));


  • The memorable questions work on a substring basis, e.g. maiden will be a match for What is your mother's maiden name and car is a match for What make was your first car.
  • The Account name is as it appears on your Internet banking screen.