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Bank account setup



$bank = new UK_Halifax("Username", "Password", "Memorable word", "Account name");

e.g. $bank = new UK_Halifax("mm34789", "P@ssw0rd", "M3M0RABLE", "Easycash");

Santander Business

$bank = new UK_Santander("Banking ID", "Registration number", "Passcode", "Account name", array("memorable question 1" => "answer 1", "memorable question 2" => "answer 2"));

e.g. $bank = new UK_Santander("19031846985", "12345", "P@ssw0rd", "BUSINESS CURRENT ACCOUNT", array('maiden' => 'Shelly', 'car' => 'Polo'));

Note that the memorable questions work on a substring basis, e.g. maiden will be a match for What is your mother's maiden name and car is a match for What make was your first car.