What banks can I not use with Bittylicious?

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Any real bank is fine, and any bank that correctly sends the account name and the reference across is also fine. Some banks do not do this, and these must not be used with Bittylicious. The banks/payment services listed below cannot be used to buy from Bittylicious:

  • APS Financial (their implementation of Faster Payments takes too long - typically 3-4 hours)
  • Bank of Ireland (payments take around 35 hours and no payee information is sent)
  • Cahoot (seems to send slow payments via Bank Giro Credit)
  • CardOne (does not send payee data)
  • Cater Allen (payments take 24-48 hours to arrive)
  • Clydesdale (unreliable payee information)
  • Cumberland Building Society (unreliable payee information for Paym - this can be used for bank transfers, but not Paym)
  • Eccount (because they use BACS, not Faster Payments)
  • Ffrees (payments take 1+ days to send and does not send payee data)
  • Fidor Bank UK (payments can take days to arrive) - contact us if you're interested in a potential Fidor -> Fidor solution.
  • Monese (does not send payee data)
  • My CashPlus
  • Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (unreliable payee information)
  • One account (does not send payee data)
  • Revolut (payments seem to take 30 minutes to send)
  • Payoneer (for selling cryptocurrencies as they only accept incoming payments from company acccounts)
  • Santander Online Savings accounts - Current accounts are fine, but accounts with names like X13000000 do not supply payee information
  • Secure Trust (payments take 1+ days to send)
  • thinkmoney (does not send payee data)
  • U Account (does not send payee data)
  • Ulster Bank (does not send payee data)
  • Yorkshire Bank (unreliable payee information)
  • Yorkshire Building Society (payments take 24 hours to arrive)

You also must not use any intermediaries that convert between currencies, e.g. Transferwise. This is because we lose any information about the payee.